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Terms and Prices

Price List effective May 2024

Minimum fee £250 could provide:

• “No obligation “ visit to measure and advise
• Five days hire of one tent up to 8m x 4m
• Lighting or heating or tables and chairs for 10 people
• Deliver, erect and retrieve within 15 miles of our base in Ewell.

We can fit into your space with tents and gazebos available with spans of 3m, 4m or 6m. Side walls can be rolled up or removed.

Ask about heating, flooring, mirror balls, sound systems.
Price guide - * please note minimum fee of £250 applies

Table of Prices May 2024

Item   Price per item
Gazebos 2mx2m up to 4mx8m* £280
6 metre span tents Please ask
Second Tent 2m x 2m up to 4m x 8m £220
Carpet and lawn protection up to 4mx6m £220
Carpet and lawn protection up to 4m x 8m £250
Lighting for tent up to 4m span £40
Heating for tent up to 4m span £50
Tables £5 - £10
Garden arm-chairs £2
Bunting Please enquire
Sound/Music system from £100
Our three requests

1) Please make full payment as soon as we have supplied, erected and installed everything to your satisfaction.
2) Please do not light any fireworks, barbecues or flame heaters in or near our tents. Please ask if you would like us to supply heating and/or a barbecue shelter.
3) Please do not use any kind of sticky tape, glue or pins to affix any posters, signs, notices or decorations to any part of our tents. We can freely supply all the extra loops, strings and clips you will need.

Sorry, but we will charge replacement cost for any component damaged carelessly or under 2 or 3 above.

Safety note: Any extension reel must be fully unwound before being connected to any electrical device that is motorised or provides heat.

Brian Angus Tents
13 Chessington Road
Ewell, Epsom, Surrey KT17 1TS
Phone: 020 8393 1749 Mobile: 07900 58 2013